• What was your personal reading goal at the beginning of the year? (If you do not know, I have it recorded.)
  • Make a list of the titles of the books you read. Organize them from easiest to read to hardest to read. Justify and explain why some books were harder to read than others. Be specific.
  • Which book did you enjoy reading the most? Why?
  • If you abandoned books throughout the year, why? How many pages do you give a books before you abandon it?
  • AP Classes only:  When we did Book Clubs this year and studied craft, did you read the books and discuss them in your groups? Was this helpful as you learned to craft your own writing? Why or why not? Which Book Club book did you enjoy the most? Why?
  • We read to learn about and appreciate the human condition, grow in empathy, and expand our knowledge of the world in which we live. Explain how your reading this year has helped you become a better person.

My personal reading goal was 8 books this year. But I also kinda made my own goal aside of that, and it was to actually understand and go in depth in each book. Rather than just reading it and skimming the surface.

The Cay, Unwind, Unwholly, Curious Incident, Mocking Jay, Little Bee

Little Bee was the hardest for me, mainly because of the parts that got very boring. And it made me lose interest, and when I lose interest I don’t pay attention as well. The Cay was the easiest for me, mainly because I read it a long time ago, and i just wanted to read it again, but more in depth.

I enjoyed reading Unwind the most. That is so because it was a very easy book to get hooked into. Each chapter left you hanging, making you want to jump into the next. It was also a easy book to read, and had an overall good story to it.

I abandoned the book Killer Angels. I was about 80 pages into the book, and just didn’t want to waste my time anymore. The book used words that I didn’t understand, a lot of military words. It was hard to pictures the descriptions that they gave, because I had no idea what they meant. It was just a hard book for me to follow and want to read more.

When we did the book clubs with an individual group is the time I liked it the most. Like when we studied The Curious Indecent. It helped me get a better understanding of the book. When we discussed I figured out some parts weren’t exactly what I though they were. And so other people’s incite helped me out a lot.

From this years reading, it helped me understand the actual depth of things. I use to just skim the surface of everything but now I go further in depth To analyze things, and find more than the one meaning that I use to only see.



The importance of courage in this world is far more important than anything we can imagine. The courageous acts by people. The few people that maintain this quality. Can have the biggest impact in the world we live in today. 

A firefighter, or a cop. That on a daily basis, saves life’s, protects our very own, have their own form of courage. And this is the quality that we all need today. 

Without courage this country that we live in today. Would be nothing like it is. Martin Luther would have never stood up for racial equality. Women would have never stood up for sexual equality. But since they did possess courage, change happened.

The lives saved every single day, by the brave men and women fighting for our country. Are greatly underestimated at times. But still never go unnoticed. But the highly honored people would not be in that position if it weren’t for courage. 

Courage is lacking in today’s society. But it is not completely extinct. And those small groups of people, can be idols and role models for the people that need to follow in their footsteps every minute of their life’s.


Being responsible is apart of life. Growing up and learning. It comes in many different ways, or ideas, but it eventually comes, not neccisarily at the same times, but it does. But what does being responsible mean? It is just taking out the trash? Or taking care of family members? This question comes to many heads of the brilliant people of the earth, and still today confuses them to no end.

To be responsible, is the moment you realize the person you are, and take on every single role you are suppose to. Without having someone else’s support or backing. No more mommy and daddy packing your lunch. You, and yourself being responsible altogether.

The moment you realize the age you are, and see that you will be entering the real world any second, and will be the time when you begin to do things on your own to prepare. You have to think for your self when making decisions, some tougher than others. Like doig your homework that night, or going and drinking with all your friends. Being responsible comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Some it takes longer to develope and penetrate into the character of a person. There are adults nowadays, that still haven’t learned to be responsible. They aren’t taking care of their kids, jobs, life. They are simply immature and haven’t found their time to be responsible.

Resonsiblity takes many forms, comes at different times, but it’s up to you to decide how you use it for the better in your own life.

Being Human

Being human, can mean many different things. Whether it’s simply living alive as you are now, or being a good person with different qualities. The broad ways the phrase “being human” can be stretched across the earth three times around and still have more meanings. But what truly defines being human, are the things you do when you are by yourself, with no one watching.

There’s no one sitting there telling you what to do, or frowning upon you because you made the wrong decision. What you do by yourself is truly what defines being human.

Like many people say ” Nobody knows the true you, except for yourself.” No one knows the true person you are deep down, except for you.

Being human, is that moment you decide to wave hello to the school janitor. Instead of walking with your friends, laughing and making fun of him. Because it’s the cool or “funny” thing to do. That moment when you, are alone, and you decide to smile and show your own appreciation to the old man, is what defines you as a human.

When you finally realize, your life isn’t about pleasing others, no matter the situation, and begin to do what’s right, what’s humanly right, is when you find your inner human.

A person can change so much. Go from personality A, to personality B. In a matter of seconds. When they realize what the right thing to do is. That’s what being a true human is.

You’re Not Innocent

Why judge someone?

Why judge someone when you know you are just as guilty. Why call that guy a lier when you know you’ve done the same thing. Why call that poor man a thief when you know youv’e stolen at a younger age.

Why judge someone?

Why say those hurtful things about a person you don’t know anything about? Maybe they’ve been beated. Maybe they’ve been mistreated, shunned, left alone. Why make fun of them?

A 13 year old, from Virgina. Was being bullied at school on a regular basis, called ugly, fat, stupid. Little did the bulliers know, that they were slowly killing her. Until she fiannly commited suicide. Why force a person into doing something like that. When did it become acceptable for people to judge, and talk down on others on a daily basis.

Why is it acceptable that not just only kids, but adults too, can make fun and discriminate against others. What happened to the random acts of kindness for people, or the simple kind hand gestures you make while driving down the road. Now it’s flipping the bird and trying to run someone off the road.

Maybe the guy was rude. Maybe he did cut you off. But you’re not innocent. You’re no one to judge. 



An Open Letter to The Author

Dear Chris Cleave, I have recently read your book Little Bee, which has taught me many life morals and lessons to learn from. Whether is it being strong and positive for those around you. Or enjoying the little things in life that we take for granted every single day. This book made me realize many things about myself as a person, especially my selfishness. It also opened my eyes to all of the ignored problems and horrible acts that take place in the world.

People around this world, even at this moment, do things, bad things, that people just ignore and don’t do anything about. Such as child labor in different countries. People just ignore the bad acts that happen everywhere. Such as in your book, ” and then they put me in here” (11) all of they girls from the detention center have horrible stories about how they all ended up in the detention center. whether it was rape, beatings, or even taking away children. All these girls went through hell and back, and all ended their story with “and then they put me in here” a sense of repetition which shows the dramatic effects of their life story in Nigeria. These types of acts should not go unnoticed in the world, just as they were in your book.

Your book also opened my eyes about how selfish I personally can be at times. all I care about is myself, instead of the good people around me, that need someone there for them more than I do. Just like Sarah was unselfish on page 145 when Charlie her son asked her ” Is you sad like me?” And instead of replying ” Yes of course I am, I’m torn apart.” She simply replied ” Do I look sad Charlie?” She decided to be strong for her son, and be there for him. Even though she had every right to be sad, depressed, ripped apart with her husbands death. She decided to be unselfish. And I personally need to do the same, maybe not exactly like that. But in my own way when people need me.

The biggest lesson that I learned from your book, and the most meaning full part that I learned, was to not take the small things we get to do everyday for granted. Whether its going to school, taking a walk on the beach, hanging out with our friends and family at our own convenience. We take these things for granted everyday. We don’t realize what we are blessed with and how lucky we are. As on page 266 Sarah is watching Charlie go with the kids and finally enjoying her life. ” I smiled and i watched charlie running away with the children, with his head down and his happy arms spinning like propellers, and I cried with joy when the children all began to play together”. This moment of Sarah’s life was unimaginable to her. Something she has always wanted to experience and take part of. While we are able to do something as simple as hanging out with our friends any day with the week. We take it for granted and don’t realize what it would be like if it was taken away.

Chris your book has taught me a lot about the world it is today, and also about myself as a person. This book will bring out the best of the human being.


1. Little Bee 225 pages

5.”Is you sad like me?” This quote stood out to me because it’s the little bit asking his mother if she is sad like him, and she has every right to be sad, with everything that has happened to her. And instead of saying yes she replies “Do I look sad?”. She was strong for him instead of being sad. She decided to be the support for him. That meant a lot to me.

6. The girls are in England. But we’re once in Nigeria and that’s where they were treated poorly.

4. Yes I would recommend this book to someone. Although it was hard to get into. The book shows good meaning, to the culture of the person. but it also exposes the bad part of her human being.

Just Don’t

Your team has just won the championship of the tournament y’all have been playing in for four days. Everyone is so excited, jumping around with joy in the locker room. Like someone just set off a whole strip of black-cats in a small container. This is the perfect night. The night you and everyone has been waiting for their whole life.

You’re texting everyone including your girlfriend about the great news. And then suddenly someone shouts ” Time to go to Hooters! Time to celebrate!” And then the roar of the team gets even louder of excitement. You hear lockers slamming, from your teammate heading outside to their cars to go start the real celebration.

Your best friend that you’ve been playing ball with since you were just five years old, asks if he can ride along with you. And of course you say yes, just like you always do. So you clean up your mess and head to your car with your friend and begin driving. The whole way there ya’ll talk non stop about how crazy, fun, intense, the game was. Bragging about how well each other played.

And then suddenly your phone goes off, vibrates in your pocket. You struggle to pull the phone out of your pocket, but when you finally do the phone reads out “Cutie- Great job! I’m so proud of you!” And well you wouldn’t want to be rude to your girlfriend that just said she was excited and proud of you, and so you try to reply real quick. Staring down at that small bright screen, until you hear ” Dude! Look Out!” And then you look up and see the head lights of 2012 Ram staring you down coming 40 mph. But then its too late.

The last thing you hear is the horn from the trunk going off, and your best friend screaming at you telling you to watch out. Then you wake up. Can’t move a muscle. Everything white, must be in a hospital. You see red bandages covering your body, nurses rushing around giving each others orders. And then you realize. Where’s my friend? You ask and ask. And no one answers you.

But then you wake up out of nowhere again, no red bandages, but you still can’t move. Everything is much calmer. They must have had surgery on you. Then a short nurse comes in to check on you and you ask ” Where’s my friend? Did he make it? Is he okay?” She pauses for a minute, but then finally realizes she can’t lie to you and says ” No sweetie.. I’m so sorry.”

That moment right there is something you should never have to go through, never have to experience, or be traumatized by. So next time, think twice about not wanting to be rude to your girlfriend.


Book Response

1. Little Bee, Chris Cleave, 143 pages

5. “To be well in your mind you have first to be free.” This quote stood out to me because it really gives a lot of emotional meaning to the story. People have been held in a locked up state. Not free at all, and never eased at the mind. And this quote really just shows the whole mindset of the people and how they try to be at ease. 

9. I really liked the fathers death in the story, the way it was played out with son asking his father to come out of the box really touches you, and makes you think. It connected with me greatly. I do not like how off topic the story gets sometimes, it distracts me and loses my interest at points.

6. The setting of the story is in Nigeria when she talks about her past and how she got where she was. And the present setting is in Britain.  


Post Response To Book

I am reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. And I have read through page 82. I am also currently reading Unwholly in which I have read through page 95. 

5. “Oh and then they put me in here” this quote stood out to me because it just really sank in that they all had many different ways of how they were beaten and then just put into the detention center, and treated poorly in so many different ways. They all had different ways of leading up to that point. But they were all eventually ” put in there”.   

4.  Yes so far I would recommend this book to someone else. It has a good story behind it, and really connects to you. It has really good emotional appeal and really gets you into it. This is a very good book

3. So far in my novel I like many things about it. But I also dislike many things. I like the fact that it uses great emotion appeal, and that it is very easily connects with me. It’s very easy to get into. But I did not like the beginning. It was quite boring to me, when I first started reading I thought I was going to hate it. But ended up loving it. Its a really good book.